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Pediatric Research in Office Settings (PROS) is in need of your services!

The mission of PROS is to improve the health of children and enhance primary care practice by conducting national collaborative practice-based research. PROS has done valuable research to enhance pediatric practice and the health of your patients. Notable studies include Secondary Sexual Characteristics in Girls, the Febrile Infant Study, the Child Behavior Study and Life Around Newborn Discharge. Each of these, as well as many other studies, have and will continue to change the practice of pediatrics. These studies can only be done by our pediatric practitioners in office practice.

PROS Spring 2008 Meetings

Attendees at the spring 2008 Pediatric Research in Office Settings (PROS) Chapter Coordinator meetings on April 12th and 13th heard clarion calls regarding two new PROS studies --Brief Motivational Interviewing to Reduce Child BMI (BMI2) and Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure (CEASE). These projects test innovative approaches to delivering effective care on major public health issues.

The BMI2 project offers training in communications skills to address the epidemic of childhood obesity in pediatric practice. The CEASE project offers guidance in reducing young children's involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke - the ubiquitous toxin which sickens young children, has no safe level of exposure, and potentially lengthens smokers' and their children's lives by an average of ten years.

A presentation on the Secondary Sexual Characteristics in Boys (SSCIB) study of pubertal onset highlighted its invaluable training on pubertal assessment, and emphasized that the study is still recruiting new study sites - especially practices and clinics that see substantial numbers of African American and Latino children.

For further information about PROS, go to or contact Indiana PROS coordinator at

Why Join PROS?

During your very busy practice day, have you wondered whether your anticipatory guidance talks are having an effect? Do the parents remember, and more importantly, do they act on your advice?

Seeing the many kids' rapidly increasing weight and BMI, have you questioned..."just what WOULD succeed in reversing this child's trend toward obesity?"

Walking into an exam room and trying not to cough at the acrid smell of tobacco smoke being exhaled by a parent, have you been frustrated because the patient continues to wheeze? And how can you convince the parents not only to place the child on maintenance inhaled corticosteroids, but also to keep a smoke free home or quit altogether?

Have you wondered what you can offer a family when the child is having behavioral or mood problems and they can't get access to a mental health professional?

These are all topics that PROS practitioners and researchers have wondered about and are the subject of prior, current, or pending PROS research projects.

What research questions do you have?

During these very busy times and pressured practice environments, it may seem daunting to participate in an office based research project. Although the financial compensation is usually minimal, the personal and professional rewards are truly extraordinary. This is what drives the thousands of PROS practitioners from throughout the United States and Canada and Puerto Rico to continually participate in this research network.

The mission of PROS is to improve the health of children and enhance primary care practice by conducting national collaborative practice-based research. PROS believes that the pediatric practice, in reflecting the full diversity of clinical problems, patients, and practitioners, is the appropriate laboratory for studying pediatric primary care issues. The pediatric practitioner, as a source and judge of relevant research questions and appropriate methods, is therefore an active participant in all phases of PROS projects. PROS weds the wisdom of the practitioner to scientifically sound research methods.

The PROS practitioner has the support of an incredible central staff at the AAP main office in Elk Grove Village who will guide and assist through all phases of a PROS study from start to finish. All PROS studies have exceptional researchers who help design all aspects of the study and all are usually approved by both a University and the AAP IRB. The study protocols are generally simple and easily integrated into a busy office practice…this is because the PROS coordinators, who are almost all full time busy clinicians, hammer/cut/paste/knead/modify and pilot test every PROS study prior to rolling it out to the general PROS practitioners.

The PROS practitioner does have to make a few commitments, including being certified in human subjects training, usually by the NIH Web-based Training or by your local academic institution. The practitioner must agree to abide by the study protocol so the integrity of the study is maintained, and no biases are introduced…or as our patients would say..."no cheating"! That sounds obvious but during a very busy or stressful office day, you may be tempted to "just skip that one" and move onto the next patient. Many PROS practices have an office manager or lead person in the office who is interested and willing to help with studies (keeping logs, getting consents, or organizing study paperwork). Often, the studies will have some honorarium that can be used to reward the staff or an ad hoc research assistant.

If the mission of PROS resonates with you, then I encourage you to join. There are several very exciting studies you can join now, and others coming up soon. Participation will reward you with a sense of contribution to the field of pediatrics that will compliment your satisfaction in helping your individual patients and families.

Check out the PROS website at Click on JOIN PROS for the registration form, and read about current and upcoming studies. There is no fee and no commitment to specific studies upon joining. Or contact one of Indiana's PROS coordinators: Carol Touloukian (

All PROS members and those who are interested in becoming members are welcome and encouraged to come to the annual PROS meeting at the NCE. The Coordinator meeting is listed in the NCE schedule and is on the Friday and Saturday at the start of the NCE. It is free and no prior registration is needed. Hope to see you there!

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