Chronic Conditions Committee

What We Do

The Chronic Conditions Committee focuses its efforts on projects that help address chronic conditions found in children such as asthma, food allergies, and obesity.

The Chronic Conditions Committee is currently focusing on two priorities:

Objective 1: Increase asthma education opportunities in Indiana and help to implement uniform asthma management plans.

Activities and Outcomes:

  • INAAP’s Chronic Conditions Committee is currently promoting a statewide asthma management plan to better and more uniformly address asthmas related issues in Indiana.
  • Once a statewide asthma management plan has been implemented, the committee is working to ensure that the plan is integrated into Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).
  • The committee is also working towards making it possible for schools to speak directly with pediatricians regarding asthma management of students.
  • In 2015 a resolution was adopted at the AAP Annual leadership Forum to promote the use of a standardized tool.
  • Stakeholders were identified on a national level who would need to be involved in the implementation of a unified plan.

Objective 2: Bring attention to the health implications of sports drinks, supplements, and juice being marketed to children.

Activities and Outcomes:

  • INAAP seeks to increase education and awareness regarding the health implications of sports drinks, supplements, and juice. These products are often marketed to families
  • and children as healthy options without giving a full picture of their actual nutritional value.
  • The committee seeks to educate Indiana families on healthy alternatives to sports drinks and juice, as well as dispel the notion exercise can replace the need for a healthy diet.
  • In regards to supplements, the committee is working on a Hypertension Athletic Supplement information sheet. This is a simple, evidence-based handout that will demonstrate the dangers of supplements to high school students. The goal is to disseminate the handout to high school students across the state.
  • INAAP plans to partner with the Anthem and the Joseph Maley Foundation to provide healthy snacks and drinks at the finish line of the annual Joseph Maley Foundation 5k on July 9, 2016. The Chronic Conditions Committee will use this opportunity to educate families on their nutritional objectives.

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